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We specialize in providing services and solutions to the healthcare industry with a passion for excellence and dedication to our customers.

We provide essential end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management services inclusive of backend billing and claims reimbursement support as well as customized software solutions to augment payments… Know More

Effective Software

We actively develop cutting edge Salesforce apps and software for the healthcare industry. Whether you are looking for an out-of-the-box or a customized solution, we can accommodate your SFDC salesforce needs…. Know More


MedCloud has a base in India to assist US healthcare organizations with their billing needs. Outsourcing to India enables higher margin profits at minimal outsourcing costs… Know More

Our RCM Services

MedCloud provides essential end to end Revenue Cycle Management services including backend billing and claims reimbursement support to health care providers with specialized staff and customized software solutions to augment payments

MedCloud verifies the patient’s medical insurance eligibility to reduce AR delays and claim denials…

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Charge Entry

Charge capture is a crticial step in the MedCloud medical billing process. The treatment and services rendered to a patient…

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Medical Coding

MedCloud provides industry specific services for medical coding to healthcare organizations. Medical services, procedures, diagnosis, treatments, and…

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Patient Billing

Some medical services or medical equipment is not covered by the patient’s health insurance company…

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AR & Denial Management

MedCloud  provides a full suite of clinically integrated AR and Denials Management services. Our service module is designed…

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Payment Posting

Payment posting identifies payment responsibility. The MedCloud billing team accurately identifies services covered by the insurance carrier and those to be paid by the patient…

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Data Entry

The MedCloud data management service allows Healthcare Organizations to overcome the complexity of the laborious task of data entry.

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Collecting payments from the insurance company is not always easy and may encounter certain  interruptions or setbacks…

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Saved up to 60% in RCM Operating Expenditure


Reduced cost by 50% in healthcare software solutions


24 X 5 claim processing


We can transform your business by inducing operational efficiencies and reducing your operational costs. Contact us to know mow.


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