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To reduce AR delays and claim denials Medcloud crosschecks patient Medical Insurance Eligibility with the applicable Insurance Company which enables us to determine which elements of the treatment is covered by the patient’s policy
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charge entery
Charge Entry
Charge Entry is a crucial step in the medical billing process. The treatment and services rendered to a patient are documented and categories prior to the claims submission. Our team is dilligent to ensure that no services or procedures are omitted from the patients billing file.
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medical coding
Medical Coding
Medcloud provides industry specific services for medical coding to healthcare organizations. Medical services, procedures, diagnosis, treatments, and medical equipment & supplies used by Healthcare Organizations needs to be reimbursed through claim submissions or by billing the patient.
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patient billing
Patient Billing
MedCloud facilitates the projected balances for our clients patients and manages the claims process through it’s adjudication to finalize the patients responsibility. Our Patient Billers then submit statements to those patients to collect payment. Working with you and your business’s preferences, parameters are set to make sure the balance is appropriately and adequately retrieved.
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Ar management
AR & Denials Management
Medcloud provides a full suite of clinically integrated AR and Denials Management service. Our service module has been designed with the focus of improving AR aging.
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Payment Posting
Payment posting defines the payer of the medical bill. The Medcloud billing team hastens to prepare the bill once the diagnosis is complete and the course of treatment has been determined. The sooner this information is compiled and sent to the insurance company the faster they can revert back with their approval or comments.
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Data Entry
The MedCloud Data Management service allows Healthcare Organizations relief in the management of Data Entry. our team updates all of your Patient Files and Medical Services related data in the system.
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E-Signature is the user-friendly electronic document signature solution built for Salesforce with the ability to capture signatures in simple or complex documents. It can be configured on any standard or custom object, stores signed documents as PDFs, and allows multiple people to sign on a single document. It is a 100% native Salesforce solution.
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Electronic Health Record
Medcloud EHR, developed using the Salesforce lightning platform, provides delightful customer experience with ease of use. The EHR system enhances patient care and billing compliance issues by streamlining the practice and business operations and centralizing patient information, accurate claims, and payment recovery. Features include:
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DME Management Systems
Medcloud DME solution is the one-stop shop for your DME business and handles every aspect of the business. Features include: Processes multiple order types, including purchases and rentals, Manages inventory
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Salesforce Healthcare 360
Salesforce consultants are skilled at blending technical expertise with specific Salesforce products to solve real world business challenges. Our team of Salesforce-certified consultants creates and deploys maintainable and scalable solutions that position customers for long-term success.
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Salesforce Integration
Integration of authentication mechanisms across applications for a better user experience and administrative automation. Typically involving multiple applications to extend business-related logic from one app to another with the goal of improving end-to-end business processes.
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“Outsourcing components of our billing services to MedCloud has been a great experience for us. It has enabled us to streamline our operations and raise our bottom line.”

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